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Your Ideas, casted into Aluminum.

Sixty Years of History

We've been through alot. Die casting, thermo-injection, mold construction. We offer sixty years of experience to our customers.

A Molten Heart

Been there, done that. From aluminum and brass die casting to plastic injection, to toolmaking. Our experience spans not only through history but on diferent markets.

When You Want

With our own vehicles and our partners we have absolute control over our deliveries. What you want, when you want it.

Right Tools

Great tools are needed to make great products. We have the machines to make them.

Technical Approach

From industrialization to realization. The technical area of RDS will transform your designs into a product worthy of automotive standards.

Aluminum die-casted parts. From design to finishing.

Born more than sixty years ago , spanning through dozens of different markets, RDS Moulding Technology's main focus is now creating value through great aluminum parts for  automotive,  electronics,  automation and many other makets.

We deliver a complete solution. From the preparation of your design for casting, to die design and manufacturing, to production and postprocessing.Through our internal and subcontracted workforce we're able to provide high precision machining, painting, polishing, assemblation and much more.

Hundreds of companies trust our know-how.

Join our network today and you won't be sorry.

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